Advantages and characteristics of paper bag machine industry and the explanation of its development prospects   bag machine industry and the explanation of its development prospects  



With the rapid development of the domestic market economy, the paper bag machine may not be very familiar to everyone. It is widely used in the industrial industry. So, do you know the common problems of the paper bag machine? What are the performance characteristics? I hope to bring useful help to everyone. Below we will learn more about "the daily problems and performance of the paper bag machine".


[Introduction to the characteristics and advantages of the paper bag machine]


Ultrasonic generators are a vague concept in terms of quotation and quality. A good ultrasonic quotation can be as high as more than 100,000 sets. As long as it is cheap, it is only three thousand. Because it is not a bright shopping mall, so the ultrasonic is in the quotation. It is also a vague concept. The ultrasonic sounding power of the long bag making machine is 1800W, and the forming die of the automatic bagging and packaging machine is usually 200mm.


Bag making machinery factory, automatic bag making machine, bag making machine offer a die body with a rectangular radiating surface, and a long through hole with a rectangular radiating surface is provided on the side of the rectangular long side of the radiating surface. The utility model is characterized in that: a side surface of the rectangular long side of the radiation surface is further provided with a groove which is open at a base of the end surface of the die body and the horn and is parallel to the elongated through hole.


A further feature is that the elongated through holes are two, symmetrically disposed on the side of the rectangular long side of the radiating surface, and are symmetrically disposed near the two third bisectors of the long side of the radiating surface, and the two sidewalls of the groove The base line with the two elongated through holes is near the same straight line, that is, the width of the groove is approximately one third of the long side of the rectangular surface of the radiating surface. The invention has the advantages of novel planning, reasonable structure, and uniformity of the amplitude of the displacement of the ultrasonic radiation surface, which can obviously improve the quality of ultrasonic welding processing and extend the service life of the die.

Its characteristics:

1. The reinforced machine is safe to use, avoiding back and high welding power;

2. Digital high-precision power triggering function, welding stability is greatly improved;

3. Original imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer ensures strong output stability and high conversion power;

4. It adopts electronic program control, high degree of automation, simple operation, built-in electronic maintenance circuit, safe operation, safe and reliable operation;


[How to deal with common problems with paper bag machines]

What are the things to keep in mind when doing the bag making process? One machine of paper bag machine can debug multiple standard paper bags. One machine is multi-purpose and multi-functional. However, the maintenance of the paper bag machine should be paid attention to during the process:


Maintenance rule: It is necessary to refuel all the bushings every 2 hours in the second half of the purchase of the paper bag machine. After half a month, all the bushings can be refueled once every 4 hours.


1. After each shift, it is necessary to ensure that the stolen goods on all the rollers on the grape bag machine are cleaned up. In order to make the paper bag machine process smoothly.


2. The chain is tightened once every 15 days, with appropriate tightness.

3. What should I do if the paper bag machine is not completely sealed?

In general, LDPE has a moderate anti-pollution heat sealability, EVA has excellent anti-contamination heat sealability when VA content is large, LDPE also has excellent anti-pollution heat sealability, and ionic resin and metallocene polymer Has excellent anti-pollution heat sealability.


4. All the gear tops of the paper bag machine are tightened once every 3 days to prevent loosening.

5. What should I do if the paper bag machine is brittle and brittle?

Let us first analyze the elements that make up this question: 1 may be excessive pressure; 2 heat sealing time is too long; 3 in the compounding and curing process, a part of the adhesive enters the inside of the film. 4 After the composite bag is cooled and placed, the heat seal strength is increased, and there is also a tendency to become brittle.


6. All the platen fastening screws are tightened once every 6 days to prevent loosening. The pressure plate is located at the parallel plate of the grape bag machine.


Suppose there is such a question, our solution:

1 According to the heat sealing characteristics of the data of the inner sealing layer, select a suitable processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time;

2 Improve the surface condition of the upper heat sealing knife to make the surface of the sealer flat.

This is the question we often encounter in the usual production. Of course, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the equipment to reduce the problems in the production process.




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